Viewing Facebook Messages Without Installing The Messenger App

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Over a previous couple of weeks, there has been a whole lot of stink over the reality that Facebook is splitting its messaging functionality out into the new Facebook Messenger app.

A few fear-mongers were spreading rumors that Facebook plans to use your digital camera and microphone to listen in on your personal conversations, at the same time as fb has despatched pretty clear messages that it has no intent to achieve this. To get more information about your facebook you can click on the Facebook phone number.

The end result, but, has been pretty a few conversations where pals and family have asked me whether they ought to avoid putting in the Messenger app. There were a few adjustments to Messenger in the truth that there may be a brand new app, but do you want it to view your fb messages?

Can we, in reality, think FB Is Spying On Us?

My reaction has been quite easy. Even if it has been authentic, and the facebook customer service had been spying…is your existence without a doubt that thrilling? In case you’re involved with facebook listening into your conversations, maybe you must reconsider what activities you’re engaged in.

No…fb isn’t always simply interested in your rants in the course of your kid’s soccer sport.

Marvel…they doesn’t want to listen to you operate the phrases “ping”, “strategize” and “leverage” to your corporate conferences.

It’s true…Facebook isn’t interested in any of your embarrassing toilet noises whilst you play candy weigh down Saga on the restroom.

I hate to be the bearer of terrible information, but putting in the Messenger app isn’t going to location your privateness in any more danger than the already embarrassing photos and “woe is me” posts which you’re setting on facebook yourself.

Facebook Messenger Doesn’t represent The end Of Our non-public privateness

Installing Facebook Messenger isn’t always the top of your privacy…until we need it to be. You could still use the phone to name people. You can nevertheless email. In case you pick out not to use Facebook Messenger, extremely good!

It’s one much less communique channel that you need to check at the same time as you’re sitting on the stoplight preserving everyone else up in line while the mild turns green and also you’re fixated for your smartphone.

However in case you don’t accept as true with me and you need your fb messages, yet are terrified that adding it for your smartphone would require you to wear a foil hat for the rest of your life so facebook doesn’t scouse borrow your mind, then here are the instructions on a way to get them.

Viewing fb Messages for your mobile device Or pill without the use of The fb App

  • Installation Chrome in your device. In case you are an Android user, it’s already for your telephone.
  • Open the Chrome and navigate to http://www.Fb.Com (don’t log in yet)
  • Open the context menu within Chrome and check the box subsequent to “Request computer web site”
  • Reload the page and also you need to see the fb.Com computing device web page.
  • Log in.
  • Click on the Messages link within the left nav beneath your profile photo to see your messages and respond to them.

You may still view your fb messages for your cell tool through viewing the desktop model of fb in your cellular browser. Simply be sure to use the “Request computing device website online” function in Chrome to make certain you see the laptop model of facebook, no longer the cell model.

Replace – I’m astonished by means of the responses to this publish…and I make an apology for being a snarky SOB.

First, allow me to express regret to my readers for the high-degree of snark in this put up. I probably went a little overboard and if it offends folks, sorry. Now not my cause.

2nd, I can’t accept as true with the site visitors this submit is generating.

What that means to me is there are masses of real, valid motives that human beings want to view fb Messenger messages without installing the cellular app. If you read the remarks beneath, you’ll see that my readers have (yet again) completed an exceptional job chiming in and sharing their motives.

Some of them include:


Not wanting to give away all your private records, even though I don’t see how viewing the messages within the laptop model vs the cell app makes any distinction on that the front. Facebook still has all your messages and might still study them, no matter the platform.

Sources, especially storage in your phone

This one is incredible legitimate.

The modern-day model of the app takes up 408 MB of the garage.  That’s almost 1/2 a gig of storage for a single app.

By way of comparison, What’s App Messenger most effective takes up 19MB of the garage and is a totally similar type of messenger app. If you’re short on storage or your smartphone doesn’t will let you circulate apps for your SD card, I’m able to see why you would be unhappy with Messenger.

A loathe for chat applications

If you hate chat apps, then you definitely must love the fact that fb cut up Messenger out, so you don’t need to set up it.

Battery existence

Again, a completely truthful and valid factor.

Now, instead of one app checking for fb messages, you have got. Two apps essentially appearing a very comparable characteristic on a similar time table ought to virtually affect your battery life. The answer? Take a look at the settings for both the fb and Messenger apps and adjust how frequently the apps are looking for new messages or statistics.


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