10 Free Tools You Need to Make Your Website More Effective

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There are two types of websites out on the internet. The first ones are revenue-generating-visitor-luring machines. While others are — just out on the internet.

If you have clicked on this blog, it’s probably because your website comes under the second category or maybe you are interested in unleashing the full potential of your website.

Whatever your motive is, this blog will provide you with the 10 FREE tools that your business website need to be among the elite class and unlock its full efficiency. So let’s get started.

  1. Lead Form

A business website without a lead form is just like an unsharpened pencil – no point. Whether you are a wedding planner, a food caterer, an artist, a web development company or an online retail store selling baby products, a lead form is imperative for your website as it allows the visitor to get in touch with you or send you a quick inquiry.


Providing the contact information is, of course, is a good idea but adding a lead form on the page is something you don’t want to neglect. Why? Because with a lead form you are proactively asking the visitor to drop the inquiry right away rather than just providing the contact information which opens up the possibility.

However, your job does not end there, because you have to take the utmost caution when picking the areas of this form.  Any unnecessary details requested in the shape can behave as friction whilst converting the traffic into prospects.  Take the instance of Expedia.  The worldwide travel giant spiked its yearly profit by $12 million by simply eliminating an unnecessary field from the form.  Thus, be certain you’ve got a lead type on your site with appropriate fields which will convert the traffic into prospects.


  1. Google Analytics


The electronic world is made of data and also the person who can analyze that, undoubtedly, has an advantage over the others.  And among those tools which provide you with all the valuable data and advice about your site is Google Analytics.

This instrument is full of fascinating features that enable you to know your traffic and site functionality in a better way.  The best part is you can begin using Google Analytics within only a couple of actions and it is totally free!

Google Analytics provides you with information like traffic, the amount of traffic, bounce rate, average time spent on your website by the visitor, the demographic and area of their traffic and much more.  Let us know its advantages in detail.

Know your audience

Google Analytics provides you with the supernatural psychic abilities such as Professor-X.  (Alright, not literally!)  But it will lets you know and understand that your customers, their behavior, demography and their pursuits.  This information is a gold mine when it comes to crafting the information of your site.  It’s possible to produce content targeting your audience and get much better results!


Reduce website bounce rate

Bounce rate proves that the people are unsatisfied with your site.  It may be on account of irrelevant content, maybe your site wasn’t appealing enough to catch their attention or the material does not transmit quality and substance.  And this strikes hard on the conversion!  With Google Analytics you can analyze the webpage with greater bounce speed and the pages at which consumers spend more hours.  Thus, assisting you to comprehend the defects and make necessary alterations.


  1. Google Webmaster (Search Console)

Google webmaster is a totally free service by Google, assisting site owners diagnose problems and optimize their site.  It not only provides you with all the invaluable insights but also Permits You to solve them and take action like:

  • Assessing the difficulties with your site and supplying solutions to repair it.
  • Get reports and insights regarding the internal and external links.
  • Your targeted key words along with also the impressions on the research engine.
  • Can help to crawl and index your own articles on the internet and even fixes the crawl mistakes.
  • Supplies you with the precious lookup figures on Google.


  1. Blog

Websites are the most frequent strategy for any company to boost their internet presence.  And in the age where folks have articles and blogs more than ever, it can be a fantastic instrument to get the growth you’re searching for.

Websites are among the most effective and cost-effective approaches to spread your organization’s philosophy, discuss your business knowledge and get recognition as a professional and associate with your audience.  In reality, applications products such as HubSpot and Coschedule have established their empire with sharing and blogging quality articles as their base.  Listed here are a few of the significant benefits you can enjoy by beginning a website on your site.

  1. Boost traffic

A well-written blog frequently ranks higher on the search engine which pushes traffic to the site.  When you’ve got a lot of such sites which are on top of SERP, then your site is certainly going to be bombarded with traffic.  Thus raising the organic visitors in your site.

  1. Build authority

Websites enable you to share your experience and business knowledge together with the readers.  Regardless of what business it’s, if it be fitness, fashion, home decor or logistics, even when you discuss useful insights and hints of your market, individuals consuming the articles will perceive you as a professional that assembles your authority.

  1. Generate inbound links

Generating links is among the prime elements that boost the search engine optimization performance of the site.  When you provide quality articles via your sites, it functions as a source for others and obviously backlinks are created to your site.


  1. Newsletters

Blogs are a terrific way to communicate with your viewers however, they’re not an active manner of communicating.  You will write the very best sites providing deep insight understanding but when the reader does not encounter it, they’re of no use.  You’re able to focus on sharing the sites and fostering it on SERP however among the simplest ways to produce the articles achieve for your audience is your newsletter.

The prime advantage of this newsletter is that you remain connected with your clients even if they do not see your site.  You are able to supply them with the sites and helpful insights or discuss the information and updates regarding your company directly in their inbox.

Sending newsletters at frequent period also aids in maintaining your name on the cap of the mind.  And if something is in addition to the brain it’ll be about the tip of this tongue, fostering the referrals through word.


  1. Captcha on forms

Captcha continues to be an annoying part of the web for a little while now but we can’t deny it has significant role for a saviour against spammers.  It’s been used to distinguish between the people and spiders ensuring that your site does not get spammed.  Therefore, in case you’ve got a form in your site, a captcha goes without mentioning.

It’s a similar instrument like captcha which enables the site to differentiate between a robot and a person.  But rather than damaging your eyes with bothersome jumbled words, today the users can click a checkbox or occasionally recognize a few pictures to demonstrate they are humans.  Simple yet powerful!


  1. WhatsApp Business

On its official website, Whatsapp declared that the amount of its own daily busy users crossed the 1 billion mark.  That is a massive number!  And also to leverage this tremendous user base for the sake of small and medium company, Whatsapp has launched their new mobile program named Whatsapp Business.

It permits the user to produce a company profile making it effortless to remain connected with the consumers and incorporating it to the site can allow you to remain connected even better.   It has some wonderful features that can elevate the consumer experience when compared with the standard telephone numbers.

Create your business profile

An individual may create a company profile supplying details such as telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, company shop addresses, etc..

Instant messaging tool

Whatsapp company works as an instant messaging tool which makes it a lot easier for the company and the client to connect. The company may also set ‘fast replies’ and ‘automated answers’ for almost any frequently asked questions or any time you’re gone.

Get more than just messages

The record of messages functions as a source of information which may be utilised in the business enterprise. Additionally, the numbers of these messages such as the messages delivered, delivered, read and received could be rather useful.


  1. Embedding Instagram Feeds

Who does not love incredible images and tales with filters that are beautiful!

Instagram is among the most frequently used social networking mobile platforms.  And today it may be used out its app by copying the feeds into the site.  But why one could incorporate Instagram in their site?

Instagram feeds have a substantial influence on users.  Stats reveal that 5 percent of the consumer take decisions being motivated by a post.   Adding Instagram gallery into the organization’s site works as an appeal to the people who will learn more about the new, firm’s culture, and workers life.  Additionally, it works good as your institution’s portfolio which could provide pictures of the services and products.

In reality, if you utilize confronts and user-generated photos on the site, visitors are more likely to contact the brand which contributes to enhancing the conversion speed.

  1. DMCA

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act which safeguards your creative functions such as sites, articles, videos and photos online from plagiarism.

The DMCA.com supplies you with a badge in your site which prevents the burglars from copying or stealing your articles. And if if they do, then DMCA.com will take the content down for you. Some of its characteristics are:

DMCA badge

You obtain a DMCA batch on the web site which depicts your content is guarded and when applicable lawful actions could be obtained.

Watermarked images

The pictures on the site are watermarked using the copyright advice along with also the brand, thus shielding it against any prohibited usage.

Scans plagiarized content

DMCA.com scans the world wide web to locate the duplicate articles and down it to the consumer’s behalf.

  1. All in One WordPress Security Plugin

While today your site is protected from the prying eyes appearing to replicate the material, you want to be on the watch for another powerful threat — hackers!

Together with the countless number of sites and our reliance on the internet world, the wicked of cybercrime has worsened.  In reality, according to a report by Cybercrime Ventures, the cybercrime harm will likely cost $6 billion yearly by 2021.

Thus, it’s vital to take additional precautions in regards to your own site’s safety.

As a result of this All In One WordPress Security plugin that offers additional security against any type of malicious intrusion on your site.  It protects all of your safety requirements and the best part is totally free!

All In One WordPress Security plugin offers security features like user login protection, user enrollment protection, database protection, file system protection, blacklist performance, firewall performance and much more.  You can check their official website for comprehensive capabilities.



Using a company site in the current world is crucial.  Nonetheless, it’s more essential to make certain it serves the objective of assisting your company grow instead of simply being a domain online.

Many times we think we want some high-end tools to find the best results however the free tools, even when combined with a tiny bit of wit, can provide remarkable results!  Now you have the very best free resources available.  So go right ahead and use them to receive the very best results you were searching for  the site.

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