Use of BULK SMS Service in the Present Time

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In simple terms, the delivery of a lot of text messages to users’ mobile devices is called Bulk SMS. No matter where a customer is on their customer trip, it is an effective means of communicating with them. Even though this marketing method has existed for a while, it continues to be the best for reaching clients, boosting customer engagement, and raising conversions. Text messages are opened 98% of the time in comparison to 22% with emails, as per research. That means your chances of succeeding are far greater with an SMS than an email if you want to connect with your clients.

What Do You Need To Avoid When Doing Bulk SMS Marketing?

Nowadays, businesses and organizations are progressively using the Bulk SMS marketing feature. Unfortunately, businesses may incur a few blunders that should not be done in the haste of use. Several typical errors are:

  • The landing page’s design is not mobile-friendly.
  • Tweaking the text message that sounds confusing or incomprehensible.
  • Constantly fail to employ the opt-out option while sending the text

Companies should adhere to a rule that specifies the key facts to address before simply sending SMS to clients, such as the length of the text message, readability, the GSM character set, etc. This is done to ensure that the message sent to the client is appropriate in every aspect.


Industries Sending the Majority of Bulk SMS Campaigns

The majority of businesses utilize SMS marketing to some extent. However, the leisure sector seems to utilize it the most.

Many of us were hit with a barrage of SMS from PPI and insurance companies a few years back. Fortunately, these irritating messages have become a thing of the past, thanks to novel SMS guidelines and the GDR.

Remember that the total percentage of SMS usage by sector below reflects texts sent through Bulk SMS providers rather than APIs.

  1. Retail: 13 %
  2. Recruitment: 10 %
  3. Travel: 4 %
  4. Financial services: 14
  5. Fast food: 17 %
  6. Health and Fitness: 3%
  7. Utilities: 4 %
  8. Automotive: 7 %
  9. Charity: 4%

The Power of Bulk SMS

Since the mid-1990s, Bulk SMS has been in existence. Although extremely messy and simple, emails and texts are incredibly effective at grabbing our attention.

In comparison with modern-day text messaging services, such as iMessage and WhatsApp, SMS seems to be beyond its prime. Below we have listed a few reasons why the Bulk SMS service is so powerful:

  • Drop in Bulk SMS spam

The utilization of Bulk SMS software for Spam has reduced due to the threat of hefty penalties for violation of GDPR regulations.

We usually get plentiful messages in a week. But, today, we barely ever have to tolerate them. The percentage of Spam has declined by more than 90 percent after GDPR became effective.

  • It can be launched in no time

SMS is the quickest and most versatile marketing tool available. It only requires writing your message, inputting your data, and selecting a date and time after obtaining your number list. Within minutes, your clients’ phones could be receiving your SMS campaign.

  • Has the highest response rate among all marketing media.

Contrary to merely 12% for mail, the bounce rate for SMS is 98%. About 90% of messages are read within 5 minutes, as per MobileSquared. As per Cellit, SMS responses are 6-7 times higher compared to those for direct mail.

How to Choose the Best Bulk SMS Provider in Delhi?

Consider the following factors before choosing a Bulk SMS Service in Delhi:

  1. Test before opting

Verify whether the service provider is ready to provide a free trial for a short time to test the services. This helps you to evaluate the SMS gateway platform’s capacity and delivery efficiency.

  1. 24X7 customer care

When searching for a Bulk SMS service, see whether it offers 24×7 client support. You can obtain a faster response to your questions with customer care that is available round-the-clock.

  1. Scalability

The Bulk SMS service that you choose should have a platform giving the ability to progress while your organization expands. The platform provided by the SMS service must handle the enormous number of messages sent as your business expands and as the SMS campaigns get broader.

In a Nutshell

To know how to converse with your clients can be baffling. Is there a need to converse via SMS, Email, and social media? There are numerous different approaches, each with its advantages and disadvantages. However, one technique consistently seems to be optimum: Bulk SMS marketing. It is employed by startups, large corporations, or anything in between.

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