Real-Time Location Tracking with Mobile Tracker App

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Since my kid has started her classes with the new tutor she seemed distracted. My teen girl wanted some extra coaching in some subjects so we especially tried our best to find her the best teacher in the area. Turned out she is not that much satisfied with the results. I mean she tried to tell us about the scene but was not able to give us some solid reason why we should consider changing him.

Later did we know that some of the class fellows were not good with her they were bullying and harassing her. The cost at which we knew about the incident was way above our head.

At first, she tried to deal with them on her own, and then she just took the easy way out. She escaped. So she will leave home for extra class but spend time wandering around and then come home when it’s time. One day we have to pick her early because of grandma’s home visit and that day we found out about her escape plans.

Her father handled the situation very calmly and maturely. I on the other hand was furious. He told me he has an alternative solution in his mind and will sort it out. A few days later he sent me an article about phone spyware app called TheOneSpy and a feature named live mobile tracker app.

At the start, it was more frightening than satisfying. I mean you are worried about the safety of your kid one day and don’t know about their whereabouts and then the next moment you are being told that you can monitor their movement live remotely, which seemed like a big surprise. Well, at least it was for me.

I was a bit reluctant to use the app. Moreover, the main concern was the safety of the app. Is it ok to trust the app with the real-time location of my kid? This and many more questions were in my mind but I took my time to get it answered one by one and I am going to share my experience with you all as well.

Why? The Need Of Location Tracking App:

Location tracker app is one way to assure the safety of teenagers.

  • Do You know around 6 lacs people go missing in America every year on average?
  • Every year nearly 4500 unidentified bodies are discovered.

You must have heard about the recent white girl missing reports. Her body was found in the park. Imagine how many people are missing and dead and their families are still in hope that that will come back one day. These kinds of news push us, parents, to make sure we are doing our best to assure our children’s safety.

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How? Selection Of Best App:

The selection of the app is another big decision but all I want to say is don’t go in the greed of a free trial version. Mostly it is just a waste of time and energy. Instead, choose an app like TheOneSpy that offers more than one type of bundle in economic deals.

What Is TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy is an android and computer monitoring software that offer its services in the form of android, Mac and Windows spy app.

Real-Time Tracking Is Possible?

Real-time pinpoint location tracking is possible with the live mobile tracker app TheOneSpy.You can know where your kid is at any time and can track their location in case of no contact or trouble.

History Record:

The app keeps the seven-day whereabouts record of the target person as well for the user. That means you can know if your kid is habitual in wandering surround recording or it was just a one-time mistake.

Do You Know About Geo-Fencing:

Geo-fencing allows the user to mark a virtual safe/Restricted zone on Google Maps. Any movement around the zone will be reported to the user immediately.

Live mobile tracker online app is the need of an hour. Today’s teens are more daring, adventurous and know about their options. The parents indeed must make sure they have eyes on them 24/7 and know if they are in any kind of trouble.

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