Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Keys

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Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Keys
                          Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Keys

Below is a listing of all the major shortcut keys in Microsoft Outlook. See the computer shortcut page if you are looking for other shortcut keys used in other programs.

Shortcut Keys Description
Alt + S Send the e-mail
Ctrl + Enter Send the e-mail you’re composing.
Ctrl + C Copy selected text.
Ctrl + X Cut selected text.
Ctrl + P Print selected text.
Ctrl + K Complete the name or e-mail being typed in the e-mail address bar.
Ctrl + B Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl + I Italic highlighted selection
Ctrl + M Send and receive all
Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection
Ctrl + R Reply to an e-mail.
Ctrl + F Forward an e-mail.
Ctrl + N Create a new e-mail.
Ctrl + Y Go to folder.
Ctrl + Shift + A Create a new appointment to your calendar.
Ctrl + Shift + O Open the Outbox.
Ctrl + Shift + I Open the Inbox.
Ctrl + Shift + K Add a new task.
Ctrl + Shift + C Create a new contact.
Ctrl + Shift + J Create a new journal entry.
Ctrl + Shift + V Move folder.

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