How to Build an Impactful Social Media Calendar

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Social media calendar is an important part of any digital marketing and social media marketing strategy. Everyone would agree that social media is not the same as it used to be some 8 or 10 years ago. It is constantly evolving

A few years ago, you might have gotten away with simply posting once or twice a day on your brand’s social media pages. However, the scenario has changed drastically over the past few years.

These days, you need to plan out postings that are demographically specific to your products and services. For this reason, you need to chalk out a social media calendar. Only a well-planned and impactful social media calendar can cover the wide range of postings that audiences like to go through among the thousands of unnoticed posts.

Why do you need a social media calendar?

Today you need coordination between your posting, sharing, and commenting to make it more impactful. It is of no use if you go unnoticed by your potential audience base because that would be a loss for your marketing strategy. Thus, a social media calendar will help you stay organized, and streamline your messaging across different social media channels. Moreover, it will also let you track your performance and make a better social media strategy overall.

But a question arises here is how can you do it? How can you make a social media calendar that is impactful among your viewers and visitors?

Here are some of the top-notch steps to create an impactful social media calendar. Follow it the next time you prepare your social media calendar, and you will definitely see positive changes.

Go Over Your Current Social Media Pages

As for the beginning, you can start the way the best digital marketing companies do. If you already have a social media account, you need to get a thorough audit of this social media to account to get an insight about:

  • ● Redundancy of your old posts
  • ● Identifying better performing posts and campaigns
  • ● Also identify posts that are performing low or not as per the expectation
  • ● Set new benchmarks and KPIs for your campaigns

Once you have completed the above steps, you can find out the scope for improvement in your current social media strategy. Even the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore and other places start with this same method.

Identify the type of posts that you want to share

After making preparing a well-planned strategy, now you must work on figuring out what type of content will help you connect with the audience.

Figure out if you want to:

  • Conversation starters to engage your audience
  • Blogs to share your knowledge
  • Posts related to your brand
  • Share interesting tips and quotes
  • Multimedia content to glue your audience
  • Push promos and events?

By doing the above step you will get the idea about the type of posts and the relevant content you will have on your social media pages

Figure out the ideal frequency of post

The top digital marketing companies always follow a definite frequency for each post. Frequency is very crucial for the effectiveness of the posts.

Tips or quotes are ideal for Monday postings and blogs are ideal posts for Wednesday to Friday. Besides these regular postings, you should properly coordinate and synchronize the timings of sale and promotional offers.

Apart from tight content and right people, right timings are very crucial for the success of your social media postings.

It’s content time

You need not have to create the actual content for the posts. This step is to ensure that you don’t miss out on the ideas that might crip in while you are planning. An excellent social media calendar must always include the text that you imagine.

Knowing the demography of your social media posts always gives you an advantage. You can plan out customized and engaging posts that are relevant to the particular age group.

Another factor to constantly look after in your posts is the voice of your brand. In order to make yourself identifiable among the thousands of brands, consistency in your brand’s voice is a must. This is probably the reason why brands opt for social media marketing agencies to never let the voice of their brands down.

The final calendar

Remember that an impactful social media calendar always contains the type of posts, the date and time to post, the caption and title of the posts, and the particular social media channel they will be posted in. Sometimes even the character count for each post is included. Based on this, you have to finalize your calendar. Once done, just recheck the inclusions in the calendar.

Final thoughts

Having a social media calendar removes the possibility of you missing out on your postings or falling short of appropriate content at the last moment. Even no task will fall through cracks of hustle and bustle.

However, more than just planning the calendar, a successful social media marketing campaign requires postings that are engaging and impactful to the target audience.

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