MilesWeb Review: Is It Great for Starting Your Web Hosting Business?

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No doubt everyone knows the importance of having an online presence but not all know how to make it happen. Since some of them have the knowledge of web hosting and the tools required for getting successful online, they can help others to start their business online by sharing some of the hosting services and expertise just by investing a few extra bucks.

MilesWeb Review: Is It Great for Starting Your Web Hosting Business

In reseller hosting, you need to buy the hosting in wholesale and then assign portions of your server and domain resources to your own customers. Basically, you act a mid-man that connects the hosting provider’s infrastructure with the new audience that you can reach.

So, for starting a web hosting business you will need to follow the below steps:

Sign Up with a Popular Host: Look for the Tools to Succeed

While reselling the hosting services of a company, you should work with a provider you trust. Performance, support and security are the three aspects that can help to start your web hosting business and sell it to your customers. Keeping your hosting goals aside, you need to look for the features that help you work on a broader term:

  • Unlimited cPanel licenses
  • Free WHMCS installation
  • Easy white-labeling services
  • Free website or cPanel migrations
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Custom nameservers
  • Domain name reseller account
  • Softaculous installation scripts
  • High-performance solid-state drives
  • Automatic backups
  • Flexible email configurations
  • Strong security platforms

You might have observer that the best cheapest reseller hosting India plans allow you to provide the complete service hosting under your own brand name. As the services delivered by your host increase, you can offer more to your clients. Just working with the most affordable reseller hosting plan can lead to disasters. This is because the reliability and reputation of the company will affect your services too.

Research: Understand the Business and Set the Right Prices

Understand that one shouldn’t be quirky while starting the web hosting business. Take your time to examine the web hosting industry and your goals. Check if your main source of income will depend on your reseller business or you can offer hosting as a secondary service.

When you will start researching opportunities, convert your ambitions into a business plan. An outline should be created on setting your business apart from the competition – which service will be offered and the time it will take to earn a profit. You can get this done by your hosting provider.

Search for Your Niche: Reap the Benefits of Your Expertise to Create Opportunities

Web hosts often are popular for particular features such aseasy-to-use site builders, speed, marketing tools or scalability. Select a host whose goals match yours. For example, are you an expert in WordPress?

Your research and business plan should indicate the types of services and features match with potential customers and help you to stay unique in your business. Generally, users search for a website builder, control panel and analytics capabilities, among other tools. Highlight such tools to your customers. Also, keep in mind that even if you don’t have the in-depth knowledge of email protocols or cloud infrastructure, it would be good to showcase a strong brand identity which create an emotional investment by your customers.

Offer Support to Your Customers: Serve Your Clients’ with Technical and Account Management Needs

Would you continue your service with a web hosting company in case you needed to wait for hours to solve the basic problem always? No, right? Then your customers too will expect the same thing from you. Customer service can either make or break your small or growing reseller business. Remember, positive reviews will always help to enhance your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness.

So for keeping your customers happy, always be responsive and available to address their concerns. This includes instantly replies to their emails, availability of live chat functionality to your website or development of a rich source of knowledge base articles that offer solutions to common issues.

Let’s take a look at the best unlimited reseller hosting provider of India.

MilesWeb – An Introduction

MilesWeb is a global web hosting provider andis based in India. Despite being established in in 2012, this independent website host has successfully made a name for itself globally.

They are an excellent choice for setting up your own hosting business or reselling midrange to high-end plans. They offer zero-risk pricing model, 30-day trial, and a group of robust features make it an exciting opportunity to start your own web hosting business.

They offer free SSL certificates, SSD storage, daily data backup, free CDN and a group of developer-friendly features. Additionally, you get free migration for all the websites hosted by you.

Key Features of Reseller Hosting

  • Free Migration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Reseller
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • 100% White Labeled
  • 100% SSD Storage
  • Web Host Manager (WHM)
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • One-Click Installer
  • Free Website Builder
  • Datacenter Choice
  • Malware Scan & Protection
  • Email Service

Reseller Hosting Plans

MilesWeb Reseller Plans


Customer Reviews

MilesWeb Review



So, if you are looking to start your web hosting business with MilesWeb, you are on the right track. Sign up for their reseller hosting plan and start your web hosting business immediately.

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