Listen to Someone’s surround voices secretly – MocoSpy review

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Are you curious to know what your rivals person are talking about, when you are not there? It sounds like your virtual presence; when you have a spyware for android’s surrounding voice recorder. Moreover, MocoSpy microphone recording feature will take you one step ahead when you can record the surrounding voices.

Characteristics of MocoSpy surrounding voice recording feature

Recordings of the surrounding voices will let you perform the following tasks remotely with android spy app:


  • Record in Mp4 format
  • Listen to surround voices remotely
  • Unique player
  • Unlimited live listening and recordings
  • Download button and user friendly

Working of MocoSpy surrounding live recordings feature

MocoSpy lets the user listen to the cell phone surroundings and allow them to record and monitor them secretly. The end-user only needs to install the spy app into the target cell phone, and it is done. MocoSpy will work in a hidden mode. Once the user records everything, then it can be downloaded on the control panel. Moreover, the target device needs a strong internet connection like Wi-Fi.

Reason of listening surrounding voices of the target cell phone

·Live listening for parents.

All worried parents can dig out all the whereabouts and secret plans of their teens and young kids with a phone listening app. Moreover, they will get to know all the hidden activities that their peers are planning outside home secretly. However, with the help of this feature, parents can protect their kids more smartly.

·Live listening for employers

Most employers want to know what sort of conversations their employees are making in a working hour. It is because most employees who are in such organizations do conspiracies and lobbies against every employee and can even risk the assigned tasks. Most employers are seeking smart solutions to spy on their employees remotely. Hence, they can do it with the help of the company’s owned devices

However, MocoSpy discourages the intrusive and illicit surveillance for the spying or virtual stalking overall. For ethical hacking users need to make sure everything is written on the paper; otherwise, we hold the right to terminate the license on the spot.

In a nutshell, we do not allow the user to use the android spy app for immoral activity, and illegal whatever. Hence being a user, you are solely accountable, responsible for the usage of the spy software for android.

Listen to the recording from target phone

Since the live listening is possible with the help of MocoSpy. Hidden microphone cell phone monitoring software allows the user to turn the microphone on remotely and monitor everything happening in the surrounding. All recordings are possible with real-time efficiency and accuracy.

Benefits of live recordings

  • Send a single command from MocoSpy dashboard to listen surround voices.
  • Connect with target mic instantly and listen to the conversation silently, remotely, and ideally
  • Real-time live recording with 0.00 delays
  • High-end privacy controls
  • Real-time stats of streaming


How to get a MocoSpy app?

Installing MocoSpy app is super simple, follow the following guideline with the steps, and you can easily get the cell phone surveillance software in no time.

·Step 1: Subscribe and download cell phone surveillance software

First, you need to subscribe to the spy microphone app from the official website. Once you get the subscription, then you will get the real email id with password. After that, you can get the spy microphone app into your target cell phone.

·Step 2: Get the access key.

After downloading the spy microphone app, you can get the access key from the MocoSpy team. In this way, you can easily get access to your spy app.

·Step 3: Start spying.

Once you are set with all the downloading procedures, then you can easily select your profile setting from the online control panel. Hence it is the way that you can easily spy over the target cell phone that you wish for.


MocoSpy is the android software; therefore, it is compatible with every updated android version.

Why MocoSpy?

MocoSpy is all in one phone surveillance software which lets you monitor surround recordings from either your kids or your employee’s phones. Moreover, the hidden surrounding calls is one of its many features. You can record everything happening around the person. Apart from this, MocoSpy also offers other features like recording outgoing and incoming calls.

Moreover, the recording feature is not only restricted in the built-in phone monitoring feature but also the other apps like WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, and others. Other than that, MocoSpy also serves its customers perks like the GPS access locations, call logs monitoring,

Target person internet history and others. Also, the app is protected on the target cell phone. Moreover, it is ideal for business owners and parents who are struggling to keep their kid’s business safe.


MocoSpy is the high end and advanced spying software. It lets its users an option of virtual presence anywhere with the help of its smart feature surround recording & hidden screen recording, which can be possible after bugging the microphone of the target android. Hence downloading the spy app into the target cell phone is the best option where everything is getting digitalized and crimes as well. So, protect your surroundings with every evil eye and MocoSpy will be with you.

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