Top 10 SEO Basic Interview Question

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Q1 : What’s SEO?
Ans: – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization SEO may be a term during which we tend to work on a web
site to use it  graded on the search engine To optimize this result we’ve to follow several different steps like web log commenting, forum posting, social bookmarking, article submission, and and many more. SEO is also done to get more and more traffic to your website.
Q2 : What’s your favorite facet in SEO?
Ans: This is one of the most important questions that people should know As link building is that the main issue if we tend to contemplate SEO The question would vary if this is often asked to a content author as a result of the most face would be the standard and individuation of the content the solution would vary for others. The answer would be any of the following:
  •                 Keyword analysis
  •                 On-Page SEO
  •                 Off-Page SEO
  •                 Blog Posting
  •                 Blog Comments
  •                 Classified Posting
  •                 Press Release
  •                 Forum Posting
You might have any of the answers given higher than
Q3 what’s Alexa?
Ans: – Alexa is nothing however the information that shows the amount of traffic at your web site
Q4 :What is RSS?
Ans: -RSS may be a type of XML file Any change that has occurred is given through RSS within the type of XML file.
Q5 What issue have an effect on the Page Rank?
Ans: –The range of outward link that’s shared in your page as compare to the inward link at {the web site|the web site page affects the Page Rank of your website
Q6 What square measure the mistakes to avoid optimizing the website?
Ans: – Following square measure the mistakes that ought to be avoided once optimizing the web
site for a research engine:
  •                 Selection of wrong keyword
  •                 Filling Keywords in Web-Page
  •                 Exceeding the improvement of webpage
  •                Using same anchor text for link building
  •                Getting caliber backlinks

These square measure the error that ought to not be done

Q7: What is anchor text?
Ans: –Anchor text is nothing however a plain hyperlink to a different page once ever you write a writing and provides a link to the keyword gift on the article is recognize as anchor text.
Q8 What is mouse trapping?
Ans: –This may be a browsing trick that keeps the record of the traveler on the web site it’s up
all the action done by the traveler at your web site
Q9 a way to increase the Google page rank?
Ans: – If you would like to extend your Google page rank then it’s extremely necessary tourge a high quality and backlinks and do-follow backlinks to realize that you just will couple by following ways:
  •                 Blogcommenting
  •                 ForumPosting
  •                 ArticleSubmission
  •                 Bookmarking

These square measure some basic items to try to to 1st and so you’ll select

  •                 Exchanging links to relevant web site
  •                 Classified ads
Q10 :What square measure the most effective SEO tools?
Ans: – There square measure several tools that assist you to form your work simple Following square measure the most effective SEO tools out there
  •                 HTML validation tool
  •                 Backlink checking
  •                 Google page rank checker
  •                 Keyword Density tool
  •                 Index checking
  •                 Keyword Analytic tool
  •                 IBP (Best tool for Search Engine Submitter)

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