How To Improve The Performance Of Your SEO Strategy With Webmaster Tools?

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about making your website search engine friendly, and Google has given you a bunch of webmaster tools for free so that you may improve and monitor your SEO. Here are a few tips the will help you make the most of these tools.


Adwords The Google Keyword Tool

This is a tool that used to be available to everyone but Google moved it so that it only exists on the Google AdWords tool now. They moved it shortly before releasing the Hummingbird update, variance tv which may be their way of saying that keywords are not going to be as important anymore.


This tool can be found within a Google AdWords account which you can get for free, and you can use the tool for free without having to buy any advertising. It is very good at helping you compile a large list of potential keywords. You can also get access to a wide number of synonyms and it will even give you keywords that you should probably write anti-SEO against so that your website does not appear to the wrong people.


You may also like to check the prices that people are paying for certain keywords. As a rule of thumb, if a keyword costs more then it is more popular. This information may help you judge how much competition you are going to get when you use such keywords.


Google Adwords For Affiliate Advertising

You can go the whole hog and start using Google AdWords in order to place adverts online. They are good for getting you more traffic, improving your popularity, improving your reach and even improving how often your pages are crawled.


Google Trends May Be Helpful

Just like looking at the price people are paying for certain keyword bids, you may also look at keyword trends. This is where a graph shows you how popular a certain keyword or keyword phrase has been in the past. Sadly, it is not possible to compare one keyword with another in specific terms.

For example, if one keyword has a 20% rise in popularity then it will appear on a graph like any other keyword with a 20% increase in popularity would have.

This may seem fair, but what if one keyword has only been searched for fifty times in a year and the other has been searched for two million times? Still, if the line on the graph is going up or down then you can assume a little something about the popularity of that keyword.


Google Analytics For Backlink Tracking

There are backlink tracking tools that you can use online, and they often charge you for the service or just do a bad job. Google webmaster tools have Google Analytics which will tell you about your backlinks for free. It also gives you warnings if you are doing a few SEO things that Google thinks you should not be doing.


Google Analytics For Traffic Tracking

You can track your traffic with Google Analytics, which may be helpful if you are trying to monitor the effect of your most recent publicity campaign. There are lots of conclusions you can make with traffic tracking tools. Google Analytics will also let you delve deeper into more detailed reports and more detailed tracking so that you may set up funnels and track their progress.


The Webmaster Tools Information Section

If you go to “” then you will find more relevant and correct information than you will on websites and articles that you find online. This is information that comes straight from the horse’s mouth. It is information you can use right away in order to improve your website SEO.


There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, which is hardly surprising since 90% of what you read online is not accurate. But, if it is coming from Google itself then you can be a little more forgiving and possibly take the advice seriously.


Submitting Your XML Sitemap

There is a tool within the Google webmaster tools that allows you to create an XML sitemap. The small and simple tool does it for you. You simply run it on your website, follow the instructions and submit it. If you have just created your website variance tv or you have has a massive redesign, then this is a good way of getting Google to crawl all of your pages. It is very simple, and the instructions go step by step so it is hard to get it wrong.

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